English Tree Roses

English Tree Roses are also known as Sandards and English Roses are some of the best Tree Roses. Tree Roses make the beauty and fragrance of the blooms more accessible and inviting by literally elevating them to eye and nose level. They provide color all summer while creating a dramatic and stunning display wherever they are used.

English Tree Roses are very effective as

  • accents in containers
  • In a formal double row along both sides of a pathway
  • To create height in a flower bed or border
  • As a centerpiece in a small rose garden or bed
  • To create a focal point
  • As a flowering tree for a small lawn

However you use them, Tree Rose give you the beauty and fragrance of English Roses in the form of an elegant, small tree.

Our English Tree Roses are grown on 36 inch stems and are approximately 48 inches when we ship them. In your garden, Tree Roses may reach a height of 5-6 feet.

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