Most Fragrant Roses

The roses in this collection are some of the most fragrant available today. All our roses are at least moderately fragrant and we offer no varieties that are lacking this quality most associated with roses and highly valued among flowers: wonderful fragrance. Roses that have no fragrance are missing the most vital feature that define roses and that has inspired multitudes of human pursuits over millennia.

Fragrance is perhaps the most highly prized feature that any flower may possess. And among flowers, the Rose ranks at the top of every fragrance category - whether strength, diversity, complexity, or mere beauty of fragrance, Roses dominate the field of fragrance.

These roses represent the very best in fragrance from across many different groups and styles of roses, from English Roses to Romantica Roses, Parfuma Roses and more. Each possesses a fragrance of extraordinary quality, strength and complexity that is equalled among flowers.

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