Carding Mill - David Austin English Roses

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Beautiful, rich shades of pink, apricot and yellow give Carding Mill an overall impression of rich apricot. As the petals start to unfurl at bud stage, the insides of the petals are rich, deep apricot - contrasting with the paler, soft yellow undersides. When fully open, the centers of the flowers are well filled with petals, creating the appearance of mixed shades of rich, apricot-pink. Carding Mill quickly grows into a beautiful, bushy and rounded shrub with straight stems.

  • Rich apricot blooms
  • Glorious myrrh Fragrance
  • Very Good repeat blooming
  • Grows 4ft h x 3ft w, Hardiness Zones: 5 to 9
  • Ships in a 3 gallon container: well rooted and established - ready to plant in your garden

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