Charles Darwin - David Austin English Roses

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The large, very full and rounded blooms, opening up to a shallow cup are among the largest to be found in the English Roses. They are a lovely shade of rich yellow - almost Old Gold - sometimes with lemony or sandy tints and create a really impressive effect in the garden. It makes a most attractive, eyecatching shrub that is very healthy and would be perfect near the front of a mixed of all-rose border. Charles Darwin is an exceptional addition to any garden, with large blooms and wonderful fragrance.

  • Rich yellow blooms
  • Strong and delicious fruity Fragrance
  • Excellent repeat blooming
  • Grows 4 feet tall x 3 feet wide, Hardiness Zones: 5 to 9
  • Ships in a 3 gallon container: well rooted and established - ready to plant in your garden

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