David Austin English Tree Rose: Lady Emma Hamilton

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A mixture of tangerine, orange and yellow suffuse blooms that emerge from dark red-orange buds. Extremely strong delicious fruity fragrance with note of pear, grape and citrus. Its unusual coloring is valuable in bringing warmth to the garden palette. Attractive dark-red to burgundy foliage that matures to dark green beautifully contrasts with roses of unmatched coloration and fragrance.

Lady Emma Hamilton Tree Rose is a great addition to rose beds and is stunning when lining pathways or flanking an entrance. In a container, Lady Emma Hamilton Tree Rose is superlative and unequalled and can bring a dramatic element to any setting.

Budded at 36 inches in height.

  • David Austin English tree rose: grace is grown and shipped in a 5 gallon container and is approximately 48 inches tall when shipped.
  • Tree Roses bring an element of drama and a classical touch to any garden. Stunning when used in flower beds, among other roses or along a pathway. On the patio, they are perfect for any large container, command attention, create a strong focal point and provide season-long color and fragrance.

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