James Galway - David Austin English Roses

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James Galway is superb shrub with long, beautifully arching almost thornless growth. The color is a lovely, warm pink at the center shading to palest pink at the edges. The flowers are large and full, with many petals arranged forming full, perfect rosette. This tough, disease-free rose is excellent for the back of the border and can be trained into a wonderful, short climber. The fragrance is comple and delicious Old Rose. One of the best climbing roses, James Galway grows beautifully over arches, obelisks and walls, up trellises and long fences.

  • Medium pink blooms
  • Medium Old Rose Fragrance & nearly thornless stems
  • Excellent repeat blooming & strong, almost thornless branches
  • Grows 5 feet tall x 4 feet wide, Hardiness Zones: 4 to 9
  • Ships in a 3 gallon container: well rooted and established - ready to plant in your garden

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