Lady of Shallot - David Austin English Roses

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Lady of Shallot is loved for its robust growth, almost continuous flowering throughout the season and resistance to disease - this a tough, low maintenance variety well suited to novice gardeners. Buds start out a rich orange-red and open to form chalice shaped blooms filled with loosely arranged petals. The upper side of each petal is salmon pink, while the undersides are contrasting golden yellow. The fragrance hints of spiced apples and cloves over a pleasant, warm tea. Lady of Shallot forms a large, slightly arching shrub with attractive bronze-toned new foliage.

  • Orange blooms
  • Strong, fruity Fragrance
  • Excellent repeat blooming
  • Grows 4ft h x 2.5ft w, Hardiness Zones: 5 to 9
  • Ships in a 3 gallon container: well rooted and established - ready to plant in your garden

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