Roses require care similar to that of most other shrubs, and some attention to their care will produce successful results. Gardeners with some experience growing roses may already be practicing good rose care. If you are new to roses or gardening, follow these simple steps to a successful garden.


Choose a site that receives at least five hours of sun daily, and is not overhung by trees.
Dig soil to depth of 12 inches and about 18 inches wide. Mix a generous amount of compost with the dug out soil. Plant your rose so that the top of the container soil sits level with the surrounding soil in your garden.

To give your plant a good start, sprinkle some Mycorrhizal Fungi around the root ball. Back fill with the soil-compost mix, and press the soil firmly around the rootball.
For good blooms and healthy growth, sprinkle a ½ cup of rose food around
Mulch and water thoroughly.


Mulching helps to maintain soil moisture in addition to helping to keep root zone temperature cooler during hot weather. We recommend a 2-3 inch thick layer of hardwood or pine bark mulch, 24 inches in diameter.


Newly planted roses should be watered regularly, once or twice a week. It may be necessary to water more frequently during hot, dry weather. Check the soil around your plant and water thoroughly if it feels dry to the touch.


Roses need continuous nourishment for good and abundant flowers. Even when growing in naturally rich soils, roses that are fed regularly will reward you with better, more frequent blooms. If you expect your roses to flower well and repeat bloom all summer, feed them generously at planting time, and again 2- 3 times more during the spring and summer seasons. Use a slow release fertilizer like our Rose Food to provide a continuous supply of the nutrients your roses need.